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R1200RT Foot peg Relocation

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Installation Instructions

(for R1200RT 2014 and newer only)


The right block is the smaller block.

The inboard sides have the counter sink hole.

Threaded 10 mm and threaded 5 mm holes are at rear of blocks.

Tools needed: torx # 50 (with ratchet and extension); 6 mm allen wrench; 3 mm allen wrench;10 mm open end wrench; 6 mm open end wrench; Dremel tool with a cutoff wheel; blue thread lock; torque wrench.


1.   Remove the shift linkage adjuster screw, then remove both foot peg brackets from the frame.

2.   Using the Dremel cut off wheel: shorten the 5 mm diameter locating pins (on original foot peg

      brackets) to these lengths:       Left side:         20 mm            Right side:       15 mm

3.     Install the 5 mm x 20 mm button head bolt in the left relocation block.

      Install the 5 mm x 25 mm button head bolt in the right relocation block.

               Orient with the button heads on the outside of block.

4.    Using the 10 mm x 30 mm flat head counter sink bolts:

A.       Attach the right block to the right foot peg bracket assembly.

        Use blue thread lock and tighten to 28 foot pounds.

                    Attach right relocation block and foot peg assembly to frame using the original bolt.

                       Use blue thread lock and tighten to 28 foot pounds

B.     Place shift lever on left foot peg bracket; be sure it is properly lubed.

               Do not omit the original thin washer.

               Attach the left block to the left foot peg bracket assembly.

               Use blue thread lock and tighten to 28 foot pounds.

               Attach left foot peg with relocation block and shift lever to frame using the original bolt.

               Use blue thread lock and tighten to 28 foot pounds 

          5.     Install the supplied (70 mm long) shift linkage adjuster screw, using the original lock nuts.

             Remember that one end is left hand thread. Be sure it threads equally into both ends.            

             Adjust the rod to set the shift lever in the position that is best for you. Tighten the lock nuts.


Parts List:

Left relocation block; Right relocation block

1 – 5 mm x 20 mm button head bolt               (install in left block as locating pin)

1 – 5 mm x 25 mm button head bolt               (install in right block as locating pin)

2 – 10 mm x 30 mm socket flat head             (used to attach locating blocks to foot peg brackets)

1 – 70 mm adjusting screw                             (note that one end has left hand threads)

(Use original torx head 10 mm bolts to attach relocation blocks to the frame.)

(Use the original shift linkage adjuster screw lock nuts on the supplied new adjuster screw.)