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Foot Peg Relocation Kit

For BMW R1200RT, model years 2014 and newer

This is a unique and compact design. It moves the rider’s pegs to a more comfortable position.

 Total movement is 1.25 inches farther forward and 0.50” inch lower.

Grenac Designs Relocation Kit installed on left side.

Grenac Designs Relocation Kit installed on right side.

This unique design is almost indistinguishable from stock appearance.

Installation requires the locating pins on the stock foot peg assembly to be shortened.

The shortened pins work the same as original if you revert to original position.

Please read the installation notes below prior to purchase.

Complete installation instructions are available by clicking  HERE  


Price: $35.00         plus $7.00 shipping

Michigan residents must pay state sales tax.

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Introduction special:

For a limited time only:           $25.00 Installation available at our Ann Arbor, Michigan shop.                                                                            By appointment only.   734 662 8669


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Patrick West:     at Grenac Designs, 734 662 8669 (10 am to 9 pm, eastern time)


Installation Notes:

Please note: it is your responsibility to insure that these parts are installed properly and that affected components are safe for operation.  

This installation of this kit requires the following:

 1.   The locating pins on the stock foot peg bracket need to be shortened.

       This is easily done with a Dremel abrasive cut off tool.

       The shortened pins work the same as original if you revert to original position.

2.      The original shift lever adjustment screw is replaced with a supplied part.

       The screw is used to adjust the shift lever for the new peg location.

3.    With this kit you deploy the side stand using your toe at the foot of the stand.

      (The stub that is normally used is too close to the new peg location to be used.)

4.    In some cases there may be interference, where the side contacts the shift linkage.

       If your bike has this issue, there are two possible solutions:

      a.) grind some material from the side stand to provide the needed clearance.

      b.) we can provide, on an exchange basis, a modified side stand.

           There is no charge for the modified stand, your only cost is shipping your original stand to us.

           The modification locates the stand about 1/4 inch lower in the retracted position, so there is no interference.

If you return the foot peg to the stock location, the new stand location  will not be a problem.